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Tarpon Slam Lure Kit (12pc) |

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The Tarpon Slam Bundle offers swimbaits lures that will cover just about any saltwater angler demand to "match the hatch" when it comes to connecting with tarpon. This pack also includes the much anticipated and latest Subsurface models which are crucial for getting bit when the finicky fish require the bait to stay in the strike zone for a longer period of time. We've packed over 30 years of experience into selecting the perfect profile and baitfish patterns to keep you connected under just about any scenario anglers will encounter while fishing the almighty silver king! 

Tarpon Slam Lure Kit (12pc):

Sinking Swimbaits (8)

  • 5.5" Mullet
    5.5" Smoked Mullet 

  • 7.2" Pinfish 
    7.2" BB Mullet 
    7.2" Goggle Eye 

  • 9.5" Mullet 
    9.5" BB Mullet 
    9.5" Smoked Mullet 

Subsurface Swimbaits (4)

  • 5.5" Spanish Sardine
    5.5" Pinfish 

  • 7.2" Goggle Eye
    7.2" Mullet

Pro Tips:

  • For Optimum results, simply cast and retrieve at a slow - medium pace to achieve maximum action. A faster, stop and go retrieve can also be very effective when fish are actively feeding on other forage and looking for genuine presentation. Also, be sure to adjust your retrieve speed according the the depth of water and speed of current or tide. A faster tide may require a slower retrieve and vice versa

Tarpon Slam Fishing Lure Kit (12pc) | SALTWATER