Swimbait Fishing Lures that Mimic Live Bait!

Available in 3.5" | 5.5" | 7.2" | 9.5"

SnakeHead caught on Motion Minnow
bass caught on Motion Minnow
Peacock Bass caught on Motion Minnow Swimbait
peacock bass caught on Motion Minnow
clown night fish
Snook caught on Motion Minnow
striped marlin caught on Motion Minnow
Barracuda caught on Motion Minnow
Bull Shark caught on Motion Minnow

The Difference in Swimbait Actions

  • Slow Sinking Swimbaits

     The ultimate slow sinking swimbait, The 3.5" profile is perfect for skinny waters and depths of 1-3 feet. Twitch it, swim it, rip it, and slow roll it - this is the bait that will be your go-to when fish become fickle and need that subtle action to trigger the bite.

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  • Subsurface Swimbaits

    Motion Minnow Subsurface Swimbait swims naturally through the Upper Water Column and hugs the surface, enticing explosive surface strikes from gamefish. Available in 5.5" | 7.2" with many baitfish patterns to choose from. Catch Snook, Redfish, Snapper, Barracuda, Barramundi, Speckled Trout, Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Pike, Musky and many others.

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  • Sinking Swimbaits

    The Motion Minnow Swimbait is the perfect solution when live bait isn't available. The segmented body gives it a lifelike movement like a live baitfish. Swimbaits are made of Hard ABS Plastic with a piece of Dyneema® Fiber in between the segmented body, ensuring durability and that the baitfish is given the lively movement. Available in 5.5" | 7.2" | 9.5" with many baitfish patterns to choose from.

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3..5 Motion Minnow Video of Fishing Lure
 Motion Minnow subsurface
Motion Minnow in action