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La Historia De Marea Fishing

Since the early 80's, we have been captivated by the ocean's tides harboring savage strikes from large predatory fish unleashing on an artificial lure. The Rodriguez brothers, tropically born and bred, grew up fishing the nutrient rich waters of the Florida.

Back in 2016, night after night, Carlos & Mauricio would look at the sky, reaching for the moon in dreams of a building a more realistic and natural swimming fishing lure. Having the courage & boldness to launch a new fishing brand with an already flooded market, they reverted back to their roots of using real baitfish patterns and swimming actions which consistently produced. Further plans were already brewing to develop more natural swimming and acting baitfish profiles that matched the local baitfish around the Florida region as well as the Caribbean. Crazy, fake, or LOUD colors would have NO place in the product lineup, especially if they looked out of place on mother nature's stage. Stretching from coastal forage to offshore baitfish patterns, the company's core concept was born that very night.

Next was to turn baitfish dreams into reality. To achieve this dream they understood that in order to succeed, you need to have more than money and believe that building the perfect baitfish action and profile can indeed exist. Only a few short years later there are now 8 different product offerings in a variety of actions and native baitfish designs, including swim baits, custom rigged dredges, stick baits, twitch baits, topwater, and soft plastic fishing lures. Throughout all of the adversity that they encountered to reach life goals, they've never lost sight of how important family is, and how to always be united through the good and the bad. Maybe the reason they went into business together? Marea Fishing continues to be a visionary tackle company with industry leading products & designs constantly evolving.

   A South Florida native and company founder, Captain Carlos D. Rodriguez is blessed to call Florida's pristine waters home his entire life. Cuban born & Florida bred, Carlos always has always had saltwater running through his veins. After graduating from the University of Central Florida and working with local government, he decided to follow his passion for saltwater fishing. This angling obsession drove him to owning and operating his own saltwater guide service - Ripping Drag Charters. After successfully running a light tackle charter operation for a number of years and several more years in the industry working retail, Carlos's bio ranges from both inshore & offshore tournament wins, and owning a small fishing tackle company to co-hosting an 11x Telly Award winning tv series on Florida Sport Fishing Television.  

  • The show, which aired on the Bally Sports network, is a reality based and educationally focused fishing program. Every episode's focus is teaching anglers of all skill levels the latest in tips, tactics,& techniques to stay connected to anything swimming within Florida and neighboring islands of the Bahamas.

As passionately obsessed anglers with over 30 years of on the water experience, we've chased everything from Redfish to Black Marlin.

We're excited to share our knowledge and experience through the development of Marea's accurate baitfish profiles, realistic swimming actions and local bait patterns.

That's our commitment to the angling community!

We're extremely confident that our realistic baitfish designs and tournament grade gear will help you land more fish, maximizing the quality of your time spent on the water - PERIOD.


Tight Lines & Ripping Drags, 

Capt. Carlos