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Dredge Corkscrew Swivels | Stainless Steel | 350lb - 500lb

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Corkscrew Swivel Style

Our Heavy Duty Dredge Corkscrew Swivels are the only option we recommend to our customers . When a no-nonsense connection is needed which ensures your dredge will get back on deck every time, this is it. 

We've tried all the other options available on the market and after 25 years of Offshore Fishing experience, we couldn't find a more secure connection to your dredge than these Dredge Corkscrew Ball Bearing Swivels. Perfect for rigging single stacks (tiers) weighing up to 4lbs. Also, can be used as the premier deep drop connection to you valued rigs. Tie on one of these to you mainline and rest assured your swivel will never OPEN up like traditional snap swivels. Both rings on each end of the stainless steel ball bearing are welded and saltwater grade. 


  • Black Nickel coated for saltwater grade performance
  • 350lbs - 500lbs+ Breaking Strength 
  • Welded Ring
  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
Ball Bearing Swivel | Corkscrew Style for Deep Drop Fishing (350lb rated)
Heavy Duty Corkscrew Dredge / Deep Drop Swivel
HD Aussie Deep Drop Corkscrew Ball Bearing Swivel