What Makes Our Lures Different?

Our Lures are Bonded with the Strongest Fiber on the Planet!

  • Dyneema is a fiber that has a very high breaking tensile strength and properties similar to kevlar which is used in bullet proof vests.

  • Combining hard abs plastic segments with a Dyneema fiber mat makes this lure virtually indestructible.   

    Motion Minnow Swimbaits | Subsurface

  • The 3.5" & 5.5" use a Single Matte of Dyneema
  • The 7.2" & 9.5" Motion Minnow Swimbaits & Teasers Baits are built with a Double Matte for Maximum Strength. 
  • 8 Piece Hard ABS Segmented Body
  • Laser Etched Realistic Baitfish Designs