Lure Color vs Water Color ?

The general rule of thumb we like to use is the darker or more stained the water color is the darker lure you should be fishing. 

Crystal Clear or Gin Clear Water

  • When fishing in crystal clear or gin clear water like an incoming or flood tide, we recommend any of the profiles with our flash foil finish like Spanish Sardine, Skip Jack, BB Mullet, Goggle Eye, or Shad as these holographic patterns reflect more easily in clean water conditions and can be seen quickly from a distance.
The Mullet or Pinfish matte patterns are more toned down and are a good choice for stages in between the tide or when water conditions are not very clean or murky.

Stained Water

  • The Golden Shiner and Mayan Cichlid colors are two gems that really "POP" and show huge contrast when fishing in stained water such as rivers, ponds and lakes. 

Dark Stained or Murky Water

  • The Smoked Mullet & Purple Mullet patterns work well when fishing stained or murky water as the darker hues really stand out against a blue skyline, while the abalone finish gives the lure just the right amount of flash to stand out in the water column.